zipmyurl logo1 Tired Shortening URL(s) With Twitter? Use zipmyURLTo shorten a URL, most of us use Twitter or At times they prove irritating (like twitter is down these days) which forces you to think about alternates. zipmyURL provides online URL zipping service. It is like linkasa.

Moreover you don’t need to register to avail this service but if you do register, you will be able to publish your URL straight to social media services like and Twitter. Tags and comments can also be added in it. Records of the shortened URL(s) can also be tracked.

You can also zip multiple URL(s) (just separate them with coma).

There are certain zip options like you can create a password for zip, allow users to choose which URL to load (for multiple zipping) or make your zip private.

You can categorise your URL and also see the recent zips.

Currently in dual languages (English & Espanol), it has the zip option in every page so you don’t have to go to a specific page to avail the service (isn’t this great?)

Based in England, the site is in the beta stage but it has proved its worth (at least it saves time by avoiding registration). I’m curious to see the final version and I am sure they will have something more to offer in it.
zipmyurl homepage thumb Tired Shortening URL(s) With Twitter? Use zipmyURL