youtube ‘YouTube shows ads on less than 3% videos: Says YouTube’s Exec Many a competitors would speculate as to how much money YouTube actually mints with its ad-based videos, given a gargantuan user-base. Surprisingly enough the percentage of YouTube’s videos that are selling ads against a mere 3% of the total videos they have online.

Brian Cusack, YouTube’s sales manager added:

Less than 3%” of the total videos on the site; that shaves more than a point off the 4% floated by the WSJ two weeks ago, which cited “one person familiar with the matter.

He also mentioned that YouTube had been taken up by television network advertisers and Movie studios, while addressing a conference for ClickZ regarding online video in New York. Not only that he highlighted how YouTube has paved its way to a more reserved market in areas such as home improvement and retails; this somehow helps in keeping a check as to what is going to appear next to the content generated by the user.

Whatever is the reason or what exactly is the true figure for the number of videos (out of a whopping 4 billion); at YouTube have ads crammed in them? Perhaps those made by partner producers; ones which have a much better quality.

Michael Learmonth doubts that YouTube would be able to generate the sum of $200 million in 2008 keeping in eye the present percentage of videos that have ads attached with them.

However; if YouTube settles up by adding ads to a higher percentage of videos they have; it might just appear senseless; think of it, an ad about a home improvement product slumped up at videos that barely link to the content being displayed. And in my opinion its better they keep relevance in check rather bulldoze every Tom, Dick and Harry shoot with ads that have nothing in common to the subject.