Ages after Google was formed and even more ages after it became the market leader in Search and advertisement it had its third founder stepping in and claiming that Google was his brainchild. Well that was for Google alone but today we got reports of another person coming out of nowhere and claiming to be YouTube’s creator number four.

This may very well be another one trying to get attention and if it’s true by even a hair width, it will be known only to God, the original creators and Herbert Elwood Gilliland III, the man who claims to be another member of the original team. Elwood states in his email:

After a phone call with Sergey Brin in August of 2007, several other of my ideas became a part of YouTube (thumbs-up and thumbs-down, video annotation). Since they seem to depend so much on my ideas to make their billions, why can’t then see the benefit in enabling me to start my own firm? Why do these “altruistic” billionaires not see the benefit in sharing some of their wealth?