image thumb66 Update: YouTube And Wikipedia Unblocked In Pakistan: A Relief To Heightening Frustrations

I know many people in Pakistan were frustrated by the government banning access to YouTube and Wikipedia but there is good news for them all. People can access both the websites for now and I can bet everyone will be rejoicing this, I am to say the least. While this is good news for sure, Facebook still remains blocked, something that has made the liberals feels frustrated and left out.

I have no idea whether the accessibility is temporary or the ban has been lifted for good. But if you happen to be one of those detesting the bans in Pakistan, please do record and upload your video comments on the Online Video sharing site, chances are quite high that your view points might get a few hundred views of the 2 billion that YouTube gets each day.

Both YouTube and Wikipedia have been banned again, I guess I was right stating that this was only a very temporary lift on the ban.