image thumb15 YouTube Accounts To Be Integrated With Google Accounts: For A More Unified Access

Google appears to be rooting out accounts for YouTube and integrating with Google accounts system. We are already aware that new accounts on YouTube are created by using the cross site access functionality to use the online video sharing service. Most of the YouTube users from the pre-Google purchase have YouTube accounts that are not connected to Google, the idea to have one access for everything is a clever idea for sure.

Many of you might be worried if their previous accounts will be canceled or they have to create a new Google account. Engineer Brett Hobbs clarified this stating that al existing users will retain their usernames and these would be tied with a Google Account. There is no need to panic that if the integration would create another Gmail account for you or have your YouTube activity being shared across Google Buzz, the account would simply act as a one username for all services just like you do with Facebook Connect, Twitter, etc. Plus it lessens the hassle to remember multiple user IDs.

You can make the changes and link the YouTube account by visiting the link here or simply create a new one. I don’t users would have any trouble accepting the changes here, given the fact that almost the entire Web population is addicted to YouTube for their daily dose of user generated content.