authorstream Your PowerPoint Presentations at YouTube with authorSTREAM authorSTREAM, a tool for PowerPoint document sharing tool has initiated a service that lets you build up communities round your presentations and share them across the web, this time tipping in with YouTube API offering, making the entire task much more easier.


The direct-to-YouTube feature of sending presentations build at authorSTREAM to the YouTube account, taking full advantage of cross-server data transfer capabilities; and the entire thing is even made simpler by integrating the option of syncing the user’s authorSTREAM account with YouTube. The sync feature is something that is so very much needed where dual channel communication is everyday work of a countless users.

2 thumb Your PowerPoint Presentations at YouTube with authorSTREAM

The authors are helped by being provided with a wider each; obviously! YouTube is the biggest video sharing site, which lets you put up your work and represent it to the numerous groups you become a part of. Plus an added advantage of true communication, as authorSTREAM gives you an opportunity to have video output form your presentations with effects, graphs, narrations etc. And the most advantageous of all; the direct transfer (as has been discussed).

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