image thumb33 Your Information Is Useless For Facebook, Google! DUH!

Safety is Facebook’s top priority. Oh sure, I trust that blindly and would bluntly state that the social network takes the matter too much in its own hands. What exactly made the social network state that? A tweak to the appearance of its privacy settings section. The statement however cannot be fully trusted.

I was attending a session at a University and there the instructor stated: what do you think firms like Google, Microsoft, Facebook can do with your information? It is useless for them. Excuse me? Useless for them? Yet they will fight tooth and nail to eliminate all competition and have everyone putting their information on their site and using them to connect with third party applications. Perhaps he meant they wont use it illegally which is so obvious, but the bulk of data they have about us, legal use alone does them a lot of benefit. I didn’t want to indulge in a discussion that would have taken the session off the track, but I found it ridiculing.

When I put up information on Facebook and the social network that traces all my activity I am feeding it with an awful lot of data that it can translate to profits for advertisers. That means it is big for them and they are using it one way or the other and it sounds a bit novice for a professor to say this, especially when he is giving a lecture on Cloud Computing and the Web Era. Take Facebook for example, when you use Facebook Connect to signup on a third party site/application chances are going to be high that Facebook would let those third parties use your personal information to target more relevant ads at you, making your activity on the Web ever more useful for platforms, services like Facebook, Google, etc.

I have taken a swing from where I began, Safety, but that was a triggering point for me to bring into attention that your information is very very useful for these firms. The worst part is that a bulk of that information is shared by default across the Web, very legally.