yodiologo thumb ‘Yodio’ – Where your Audio meets Pictures Yodio is a place where your voice meets your picture. Yes, you can affiliate images with you own voice/audio to tell true pictorial stories. The site allows you to assemble a story behind every picture making it damn easy for you to make a genuine use of your voice and image.

Users can upload different pictures by registering themselves and providing their cell phone number. Once you are done, you can use your account to record something on a specific picture or to upload an ironic image on your recorded voice. Apart from making a call to record, users can also drag and drop different audio track(s) and image(s) to make their own media enriched broadcast platform.

The site is dead simple to use and provides you with an opportunity to play with images and words at the same time. You can upload a birthday picture of your little brother and narrate a story behind this memorable event. Or you can quote something on a healthy diet by uploading a work out image. Sharing your recent images of a trip to Hawaii Island with your voice, that truly depicts your excited journey would be a real fun. Thus, you can share your immortal memories with all your friends and family members with this exciting deftly tool.

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You can also search from the number of available categories and sub categories to glimpse the available Yodio’s cards and ideas behind them.

Yodio also allows you to make a monetary value out of your work by keeping your Yodio cards on sell. You would be able to earn 20% of the royalties generated from them.

Overall, its a fabulous service that is worthy to use. Recording, producing and publishing your creative ideas for free is a real fun. Though its, revenue generated feature doesn’t seem long lasting. People will not agree to buy Yodio cards, as it isn’t necessary that your image and story would be equally valuable for rest of the world. Apart from this money crap, its a creative idea that serves a wholesome purpose.

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