image thumb19 Yelp Makes Waves As The Android App Heads Closer To 1 Million Downloads

Remember we talked about Yelp upon its release of the Android App last year in December. The application is making headways as it is set to cross one million downloads as users leverage the update made recently.

The latest update lets users share their location on Yelp across other social sites like Twitter and Facebook. The growth has been phenomenal with almost a weekly growth of 50%. Yelp of course has over 2.5 million users actively using the application per month, of which a near half uses Android app. The growth for Yelp has been remarkable in the mobile section, growing faster than competitors like Foursquare. The team has taken up the challenge to make Yelp for feature and function rich and to better stand competing with Foursquare.

It will be interesting to see how Yelp performs and what other features it integrates to make user experience better. And while it is letting you share locations across Twitter and Facebook, it is definitely keeping checkins for Foursquare at bay, another method to cut down on competitors growth.