yahoo adam thumb Yahoo’s AMP Director of Engineering leaves for an Online Recruiting App ‘Jobvite’ Yahoo’s Advertising Management Platform(AMP), is also experiencing Execs Exodus. The badgered ship has lost its one new passenger, Adam Hyder, who was working for Yahoo’s AMP as a Senior Director of Engineering. He has left Yahoo to join Jobvite, an online recruiting service,  to work as  a Chief Technology Officer.

Adam Hyder shares some key responsibilities for the Yahoo’s AM Platform. Being in its construction phase, the project was expected to be inaugurate this summers. The project was of great importance to Yahoo as it has really worked hard for it by doing a deep analysis. It has concentrated merely on the project’s functionality to make it available for almost all business models such as additional publishers, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks.

Yahoo! has invested significantly in the AMP! technology platform. Designed based on extensive analysis of the inefficiencies that currently constrain the industry, it is being built by an extensive team of engineers, product managers and strategists, and user-interface design experts deeply familiar with the online advertising industry

The idea behind the Yahoo’s AMP project was to boost the advertising techniques by fostering advertisers, agencies and publishers with an integrated, web-based platform to exactly target their ‘audience’.

The AMP! platform will ultimately help marketers buy across search, display, local, mobile, and video inventory – all from a single, integrated interface. It will have the ability to deliver highly relevant advertising to consumers across the entire Web, driving better results for marketers. It will provide a suite of tools that easily allows precise geographic, demographic, and interest-based targeting across a vast network that includes Yahoo! owned-and-operated inventory and more than 600 U.S. newspapers in the Newspaper Consortium. An open platform available to any participant, AMP! will ultimately include Yahoo!’s network of premium publishing partners, agencies, ad networks, and thousands of other smaller publishers from across the web.

But it seems that Hyder’s sudden departure from the beleaguered company has some connection with Jobvite’s newly hired CEO, Dan Finnigan. Before joining Jobvite, Dan Finnigan was also working for Yahoo as its HotJobs Boss. It would be worth mentioning that Hyder was working with Finnigan at HotJobs prior to his AMP joining. Thus, there lies a possibility that Finnigan might have recommended Adam’s hiring  for this new CTO position.

Sr. Director’s sudden departure from the company when its project is finalizing and is preparing for the launching is quite alarming. This could affect their Overall AMP building as it could lead to various amiss and astray possibilities.

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