Yahoo tv leftdock 350x197 Yahoo+Intel= Net Enabled TV Launch – This January at CES

We all saw the Net-enabled TV prototypes shown to us by Intel and Yahoo back in August. The product was quite spectacular. And as the CES(consumer electronic show) nears by, several companies such as Toshiba have been signed up as official launch partners for the product.

Some of you might be thinking what are Net-enabled TV’s, so to answer that question lets see some things that people want their TV’s to do in the future:

• Provide relevant information in real time, such as the weather right before heading to a sporting event.

• Connect them to other people they care about, a variation of social networking.

• Let them participate more with what they’re watching, for example by figuring out where a show’s cast members already had acted, or finding, rating, and sorting content.

But the question remains, what will they get? Looking at Yahoo;s gains, they get to deeply root their widget program, and monetize those ads. As for Intel, expanding the user base.

Patrick Barry, vice president of Yahoo’s Connected TV initiative said.

We do not see it as a niche offering in a few high-end models. We see this as moving into the mainstream. In 2009 we’re going to see good penetration into the product lineups of the consumer electronics companies," Barry said. "Beginning in 2010, I think, you’re going to see Internet-connected consumer electronics devices dominating the lineup.

What do you think, will these devices sell like hotcakes or be rejected.

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