google logo Yahoo Google: Informational site launched by GoogleGoogle recently launched an informational site detailing all there is needed to know about the Yahoo-Google advertising partnership. In fact, the details include everything except the exact launch date. The site has a presentation which you can go through quickly, it has basically all the info you need, with screenshots describing the smallest of details. Google has also put up some of the coverage it has been getting on the topic, one such from New York Times – which says there was nothing to fear about the deal.

Where Yahoo also announced the launch of APT, it is striving hard to maintain its credibility and no. 2 spot as a search engine; not only that but as the video (included below) states that Google and Yahoo will remain fierce competitors and keep the struggle to provide its mass users with excellent quality and products. Also, the deal removes the barrier in communication as interoperability between Google & Yahoo messengers will take place; which Google had not done with either Microsoft or Yahoo before. The announcement that was issued in June 2008 is supposedly, finally, going live at some point in early October.

[via: SearchEngineLand]