image57 Yahoo stocks bite dust, hit record low with $17.75We thought Yahoo stocks won’t fall further down than the record 52-week low they had set back in January this year; which was $18.58. However the bid for $31 bid per share put by Microsoft did put a stability check on Yahoo, only to rise and eventually stoop to a record low.

The current closing put Yahoo’s stock at $17.75 a share (as reported) and this fall lies primarily in one glaring fact that the management in Yahoo is confused and has little idea at what exactly the company should be doing. There is a rift, a divide amidst investors who may bring forward all the bitterness over the board that have been kept aside by optimistic and pretty hopeful plans of Jerry Yang and the gang.

image thumb57 Yahoo stocks bite dust, hit record low with $17.75

Now Microsoft has pulled off the deal and you can’t really call Microsoft stubborn, they initially put the deal up at $31 and raised it to $33 before they put down their arms as Yahoo opened its mouth quite a lot, demanding $37 a share. It affects no one, but shareholders will be biting nails as to what exactly can pull Yahoo out of the quick sand.

The only hope remains with the deal Yahoo signed up with Google, but that hangs by the thread over anti-trust regulations. Let’s just hope that a miracle happens and Yahoo sees some sunshine.