yahoocomcastlogohn8 Yahoo Signs Online Advertisement Deal With Comcast
After acquiring the remaining 80% stakes of RightMedia for $680 million yesterday, Yahoo has announced yet another big deal within two days. Reuters is reporting that Yahoo has signed a multi-year online advertisement partnership with Comcast.

The partnership includes display and video advertisement on Comcast, which generates 15 million unique visitors and serves 80 million videos each month. Although Comcast will not be integrating Yahoo search into its site but Reuters has hinted that Comcast will award the search deal to Yahoo as well. Search on Comcast properties is currently powered by Google but the three-year contract with Google will be expiring at the end of 2007.

Google’s thorny relationship with media companies are hurting the Search Giant more than most people have had expected. Viacom has already signed an advertisement and search deal with Yahoo earlier this month, and has also licensed its programming to Joost an IPTV service that is yet to launch. CBS also made sure that Youtube is not part of its content distribution network that includes 11 distribution partners. The distribution network is created to distribute CBS programming online. Sony Entertainment is also gunning Youtube and has launched its own online video sharing service in Japan, which will be launched globally in the coming months.

The media companies are angry at Google because of its acquisition of Youtube. This has positioned Yahoo into a destination of choice for these media corps for search and advertisement partnerships. It turns out that Yahoo did a great job by loosing out on the Youtube bid.

Update: Mark Cuban has a really thought provoking review of this deal, do consider going through it.