yahoo microsoft thumb Yahoo Microsoft deal: Is it getting fresh air? With trading sinking to the lower side of the scale at NASDAQ, Yahoo has somehow managed to creep up on that with a +0.59 change in its original price per share. The reason as highlighted by Michael Arrington at TechCrunch being that sources close to Microsoft and Yahoo have let loose a news that talks between the two have begun once again.

The news also gives rise to suspicion as to whether Microsoft still wants to get hold of the share or plans a total buyout. I personally think that Microsoft would rather bent down on the option for a total control given their previous attempts were drained by a very simple NO from Yahoo last month before they signed a deal with Google.

There have been no confirm reports so far and the people at Microsoft have declined to comment on the present rumour (since it’s not yet confirmed). However the interesting fact here is that Microsoft unlike its previous comments did not bluntly mention that they are no more interested in Yahoo. There is a high probability within the rumour itself that Microsoft might just be bidding in with something less than its previous offer of $33 a share which is still much higher than Yahoo’s present $21 a share (as of today).

index Yahoo Microsoft deal: Is it getting fresh air?

The idea has been pressed upon for far too long by everyone save for the board and executives in Yahoo and the recent debacle with mass exits might just be giving fits to the Yahoo management to get along with it somehow in order to avoid further disintegration.

There is no clue as to how true the rumour is, but with the sudden jump in Yahoo’s share, a mass sell-off has begun, perhaps the shareholders don’t want to miss this golden chance before Yahoo does something that it has been for the past so may months: insanity.