yahoo webanalytics logo Yahoo: IndexTools relaunched as Yahoo Web Analytics (Beta) Yahoo announced the overhaul of IndexTools as Yahoo Web Analytics (Beta), trying to shift it from an enterprise product to a consumer and small business tool. Where this attempt is shifting gears, this updated version is already available for advertisers and third party app developers, small businesses will have availability soon as well.

For now there’s simply a waiting-list for you to sign-up for, on the new site, as it subscribes you to the site’s updates. Dennis Mortensen, Yahoo’s Director of Data Insights, states that the easiest way to get your hands on this before Q4 is to become an advertiser.

yahoo webanalytics grab Yahoo: IndexTools relaunched as Yahoo Web Analytics (Beta)

Yahoo acquired IndexTools in April and is head-to-head with Google Analytics, whereas Yahoo’s big advantage is that the information is updated within a few minutes of user activity, and Google takes about 24 hours, however anyone can sign-up for the service (on Google).

Check out the video below for more insight: