yahoo logo Yahoo gives its Calendar a deserved makeover Yahoo has done a overhaul of its Calendar service, lets say a complete redesign that also gives advertising and social networking a boost. The service portrays a Web 2.0 interface, with drag and drop, color coded entries, Flickr image backdrops, and also an added zoom feature for expanding a day’s schedule.

Yahoo Calendar, planning to begin a beta for the new service, also cooked up a similar-to-Google Calendar design. People can subscribe to other calendars, such as schedules for clubs or academics. Of course this would also enable sharing calendars publicly or with others who’ve been invited.

yahoo calendar thumb Yahoo gives its Calendar a deserved makeover

Yahoo plans another upgrade that would build in access to the company’s upcoming services/features. A service that unknown as compared to it’s own, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo aims to give its calendar a push, narrowing the usage gap, and therefore allowing users to use scheduling more actively and make it a part of their lives.

The Yahoo Calendar is based on the calendar technology by Zimbra, an open source email, contacts and calendar startup that’s owned by Yahoo (since 2007).

Scott Dietzen, handling Yahoo’s mail and communications business states:

“This is the first wide-scale deployment of Zimbra technology for Yahoo consumer technology. It won’t be the last.”

One benefit of the Zimbra technology is the ability to synchronize with calendars stored with Microsoft’s Outlook, that’s to come in the near future; also coming is iPhone synchronization, Dietzen added.

yahoo calendar grab2 Yahoo gives its Calendar a deserved makeover

yahoo calendar grab Yahoo gives its Calendar a deserved makeover