image thumb1 Yahoo Executive Exits: Flickr Mastermind Kellan Elliott Calls It A Day

It really hurts to hear about someone really important in your organization waving goodbye and calling it a day. But I guess Yahoo has been hit by that so many times now that a lot of its key members have been leaving the once leading portal on the Web. The latest to do so is Kellan Elliott McCrea.

Kellan has been a key player at Yahoo, the mastermind behind Flickr, dubbed as the brains behind Flickr, the last of the few who actually knew the A to Z of the photo sharing site. He isn’t the first of the Yahoo lot, rather as many as three key executives had left Yahoo in the last month alone. Those include:

  • Jonathan Trevor – Creator of Yahoo Pipes
  • Tom Coates – Brickhouse Product head
  • Gary Gale – Director of Yahoo’s Geo Engineering

It might not have made any sense had all this been triggered suddenly, but this flushing off of key Yahoo employees has been going on ever since I started blogging for Startup Meme and the dreaded deal, no deal dilemma with Microsoft. Other than that, the reasons include shuffling of the top management. It appears that those who made up Yahoo aren’t really that happy with how things are shaping at Yahoo, but seriously, it has been an old story now and I guess those in the top management should sit with the remaining execs to prevent this brain drain.