google app engine thumb Yahoo Boss makes its run on Google’s App Engine Yahoo Boss had definitely being launched with an idea of enabling developers to create their own customized search apps that revolve around Yahoo’s search engine; but things seem to be showing that Yahoo is far more concerned at stepping up on gaining user-base with its latest rendition to its search business. The story points at the ‘one plus one’ formula; which is the combining of Yahoo’s Boss framework and Google’s App Engine.

yahoo boss thumb Yahoo Boss makes its run on Google’s App Engine Vik Singh; who leads the Yahoo Boss Project and a former Google Engineer brought forward a simple Q & A service; where a user puts up a question and the engine tries to come up with an answer from Yahoo search. The answer is based on top 50 results from the search engine.

Vik has elaborated in his post that the app had been created with a mere fifty line code and is definitely not the first of its kind but it points at how eager Yahoo is to capitalize on its open-search and for that it needs Google. Why depend so much on it? Well its obvious that Google is the ‘best’ and there is no real alternative. Time might have run out to have a duel with Google but Yahoo can at least catch up on what position it had. The present move definitely has a lot to offer those developers out there and with Boss and GAE integration Yahoo can do much more than just offer them broadened horizons for developing new apps.