topsearches2008 yahooaol thumb Yahoo and AOL releases the top searches for 2008

Search engines Yahoo and AOL has released the top searches for the current year. In Yahoo, Barrack Obama topped the category of Politicians and Michael Phelps gained the top spot in Olympians. In AOL, NASCAR topped the sports category and iPhone stayed at the top in Shopping Category. In news category Hurricanes was the top search where as Presidential Elections remained at the top in AOL.

Here are some of the stats as described by Center Networks:

  • How to tie a tie = most popular how-to search on AOL

  • AOL says Las Vegas was the most searched U.S. city for travel – NYC placed 5th

  • Yahoo shows Jamie Lynn Spears moving up in the celebrity category – hey a teenage pregnancy and a baby daddy will do it every time!

  • In Yahoo’s "influential women" category – mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano beat out Michelle Obama

  • Heath Ledger and Bernie Mac lead Yahoo’s dead people category

You can have at the look at the top search of Yahoo and AOL.