gabor xnobilogo1 Xobni, an Inbox Manager lost its VP Engineering Xobni, a startup that provides different kinds of email analytics has recently experienced a Senior Exodus as it has lost its first employee Gabor Cselle. Cselle is working as a VP Engineering and had joined the company back in March 2007. With a good scholastic background and Master’s Thesis on “Organizing Email”, Cselle had an experience of working as a Gmail team member and that is why he was selected to be the first key person of a startup.

Departure of Cselle is quiet alarming as he didn’t specify any reason for leaving. The company has made quiet a good progress in the short span of time and ever since its existence, has earned a good market repo. His sudden egress depicts that he was not happy with the company since a long time. Jeff Bonforte, CEO of Xobni says that he has left company with an idea of starting his own startup. The reason given by Bonforte does make sense as Cselle’s in his blog post wrote about his Bill Gates inspiration and aim:

“Ever since reading a biography of Bill Gates when I was 14 years old, I’ve wanted to be a founder of a company that makes a difference. I’ve wanted to build a workplace where people can be creative, productive, and happy, and a product that delights users and improves their lives. I feel like the time is now.”

CEO Jeff further added that  Xobni’s swift market value has made a misconception among various team players that startups are really easy to launch and they are unaware of the fact that how arduous it is to start something from scratch and turned it into a successful empire. Though Cselle looks satisfied with his decision and is highly ambitious to start a new company:

There are lots of challenges left in the email and communication space. I have some exciting product ideas for my new company, and I feel like I understand the space like few others do.

He is also planning to made a trip around the world after his resignation (until the end of August) to take a short break with a side plan of raising small amount of angel fund to cater his new plans.

The San Francisco based Xobni is an Outlook plug-in that targets the email market by providing a facility that helps users in organizing and managing their flooded inbox by identifying pseudospam and email prioritizations. The YCombinator company had raised $4.6M in its Series A funding and has been regarded as ““the next generation of social networking”” by Bill Gates. The company had proactively rejected to be a part of Software Giant , Microsoft for $20 million to make its own identity. Its recent collaboration with LinkedIn marks its continuous effort and progress.

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