wrapmaillogo thumb1 Wrap your Company into an Email with WrapMail An organization is a pyramid based on various tangible and intangible layers such as staff, technology, equipments, rules and regulations. While Business-correspondence is  an important facet of a business model as communication plays a vital role to run a firm. The most ever green Internet app ‘email’ is considered as an easy and portable solution to communicate with insiders and outsiders. Therefore, if you are running an organization and wants to spice up your email with your company’s page and info than WrapMail will surely going to help you.

WrapMail provides an innovative solution of wrapping your official email with your company’s homepage. It serves as a  marketing tool that allows you to send customized emails that contains a dynamic, interactive letterhead with a link to your website. With WrapMail, you don’t have to worry about the marketing issues as it makes every employee a marketer.

The service will be a boon to Corporate world leaders. Each user can access the service for $5 per month with two types of business accounts. WrapMail allows you to promote your company, enhance your professional appearance and makes it dead simple to extend customer support. You can see some snapshots of WrapMail service, to have an idea of how a WrapMail of certain companies look like.

Overall, its a service that is worthy to use. It not only serves as a marketing tool, but is also a research and branding tool as it allows you to track clicks. By focusing on the most used Internet app( email) , the service can serve as a good advertising medium as your emails would be saved in your client’s inbox, thus enabling a good repository of your company’s advertisements.

wrapmailpage thumb Wrap your Company into an Email with WrapMail