image thumb45 WOW! Bishop Bob Using Facebook To Post All Your Prayers To God!

Now I don’t want to mock it or sound sarcastic but it sounds funny as Bishop Bob has brought the entire prayer thing to Facebook. The bishop has asked people to post their prayers on his fan page and in return he will submit or communicate them to God. How? Well perhaps he has some Inter Galactic network at his place.

Bishop Robert Evens, quite popularly known as Bishop Bob is accepting or to put it more correctly asking people to send their prayers via email, texts and even through social networking site including Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Haven’t you complained for not having a very direct connection with God, well our bishop is doing exactly that for all of you. More importantly he is going to make sure he responds to each one of you, especially those in Devon:

I will be pulling over in lay-bys all over Devon, as well as adding people to my prayers at home each day

In order to get the word across, the loving bishop will be praying each day till March 13 and will wrap the prayers with a mass prayer in Exeter Cathedral. While I do believe in prayers I find it quite fascinating, especially when I only recently reported about a depressing report on a school teacher committing suicide. This one show’s that the social network can be put to some positive use and not the wrong ones that creepy boy friends resort to.

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