image thumb53 breaks 4 million hosted blogs mark has broken the 4 million hosted blog record. The company behind WordPress Automattic must be very proud of what they have achieved in a short time span. took just four months to go from 3 million blogs to 4 million blogs. Going at this pace WordPress is all set to hit the 5 million blogs target by December.

WordPress seems to be gathering steam with the passage of time. The folks over there have also turned their attention towards social networking with BuddyPress, a project aimed to enable every blogger to create a social network around his blog, scheduled to be rolled out incrementally by Dec.

Automattic now has two hits on its credit, with the worlds best and may I say the most widely used Open Source blogging platform and a killer anti spam utility in Akismet.

It is yet to be seen if BuddyPress would be able to make significant in roads in the social networking and social blogging market place. But judging by their past track, I would definitely not count them out just yet, and specially a player that has an Open Source arsenal at its disposal.

Another target on which the Automattic team has now set its eyes is the 40 million page views a month. Lets see when that could be achieved, pretty soon I would say.

wordpressstats thumb breaks 4 million hosted blogs mark

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