wordpresslogo thumb WordPress browser extension ‘Gears’ WordPress has released a new blogging option called “Turbo?, which is actually a browser extension just like Flash or Media Player. It uses Google Gears to higher the speed of WordPress’ admin functionality. To enhance the online applications, Gears functions with the browser.

It is very popular among web developers and right now it is supporting Firefox 2 & 3 and Internet Explorer 6 & 7. Safari 3 support will be available soon.

On the official site of WordPress, the feature is used to save all images as well as other web page modules from the admin area to user’s system, pacing the access and decreasing unwanted online traffic.

The increase in speed is mainly evident when Internet is sluggish or on high latency, making bloggers’ experience more pleasant.

To use this feature, you have to enable it by clicking on the “Turbo? link which will track to the Gears’ site and then the feature will be installed in your browser. Once installed, restart the browser and login to the WordPress site again, click the “Turbo? link once again in order to allow Gears to work on WordPress site.

Once Gears is installed, it will download roughly 200 files and save them on your system. Those files will be used anywhere in the interface of the admin, increasing the speed of every page load. This will let you blog at the maximum speed. When required, the files are updated automatically.