image thumb26 WordPress 2.7: Better? Faster? Wait for it will next monthIt appears that the team at WordPress has at last decided to roll out a new design for its publishing tool after the release version 2.5 left most of us asking for a lot more. The WordPress may very  well be used by a countless bloggers worldwide, but I find its versions (thus far) too choking when it comes to hitting out posts fast. I for seriously needed the entire dashboard to be turned into something more exciting than what the  current version offers.

The new release, WordPress 2.7 was talked about at the WordCamp Toronto and is said to make it out by next month. What intrigued me most was the ease it promises to offer with adding images, videos etc.

We at Startup Meme uses the Live Writer for all the publishing from our desktops and the only reason why we avoid editing and writing in WordPress is it kills the fun when it comes to adding images  and other media to our posts. However with this new update the complains may hopefully be put to rest.

I wont mind using the new WordPress for jotting down words and seriously look forward to a more spacious layout. Well one will have to wait until the update rolls out for use, till then I will keep my hopes and judgements aside. In the meantime users can have a look at a video put up at CenterNetworks.