Windows Phone 99 Windows Phone Set For A Major Announcement Tomorrow, Maybe The First Nokia Windows Phone?

A close friend of mine recently complained about why exactly I avoid writing about Windows Phone and Nokia. To be honest, I haven’t been impressed by earlier Nokia Devices, owing primarily to the fact that the Operating System for the Nokia devices has been very lousy to say the least. I am now anxiously waiting for the much anticipated Nokia’s Windows Phone, which by all means has to be a game changer in the smartphone industry.

One news however is that there is something very interesting shaping up and apparently Microsoft is up to have an event tomorrow that has been put up at Microsoft Taiwan.

The teaser simply states that something is coming soon on the 9th of September, mere a few hours from now. What cold be coming soon? The announcement of the Nokia Windows Phone might be coming tomorrow or maybe a Windows Phone based tablet? Lets wait till tomorrow and see what exactly lies in wait.

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