image thumb84 Windows Phone 7 Gets The Official Twitter App!

Windows Phone 7 users are all set to embrace the Official Twitter App for their WP7 based smartphones making it the first and most comprehensive client of the micromessaging service for Windows Phone 7. And from I can make from the features listed it appears impressive.

On the official Twitter blog the features announced include:

  • Top Tweets
  • Trending Topic
  • Location
  • Timeline
  • Suggested Users

I haven’t tried this out so I am pretty less informed about all the features and how it actually feels like to use Twitter on the Windows Phone 7. But to have the timeline, messages, lists and suggested users make it quite impressive. The other thing is you can explore Twitter without actually logging onto your twitter account.

With the app being easy to use with the interface being based on Metro UI, which enables users to browse through Twitter utilizing the pivot points on the phone’s screen. These pivot points act as pages and users can swipe across these at ease.

The Twitter App for Windows Phone 7 has been made using the REST API library along with assistance of Identity Mine in the development phase. If you happen to be ne with the Windows Phone 7 and love Twitter please do share your experience with the Official Twitter App in the comments.

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