image thumb7 Windows Mobile Marketplace Restrictions: Thats how its going to commit suicide

I was true when I said Windows Mobile wasn’t dead yet after the coming of Windows Mobile 6.5 but the mobile OS is bound to suffer a death blow with restrictions. Presently the Windows Marketplace has put out restrictions on developers and any app failing to meet those will not get an approval. A few of those restrictions include (you can read more here):

  • Applications that link to, incent users to download, or otherwise promote alternate marketplaces.
  • Apps that enable VoIP services (forget Skype).
  • Applications that run code outside Microsoft runtimes (native, managed, and widgets).

That simply put, means if you don’t get a desired app at the Marketplace, you can sit and watch your Windows Mobile device like a stupid person and envy those iPhone or Android users. While restrictions are good to keep your market clean of offensive material, but these from Windows Mobile are plain stupid. What is Microsoft thinking? It’s Alexander the great or Attila the Hun? Whatever it is thinking, I am sure if Windows Mobile didn’t die before, it is definitely committing a suicide with these.