image thumb11 Windows 8 App Store Images Leaked

App Store fever is coming to Microsoft as well as images of the Windows 8 App Store were leaked on the Internet. The app store is highly likely to feature in Windows 8 and from the images, it seems we will have quite a desktop like feel to it. That’s just my opinion though.

I just have one reservation here, why would Microsoft include a competing browser? It’s understandable that more people opt for open source browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc but with Windows claiming the newer versions of the Internet Explorer to be much improved, I am confused why would it want to kill it own product so blatantly.

The other bit is the ever popular legal rivalry. Both Apple and Microsoft will be daggers and hammers over the use of the word App Store. The key issue is Apple has been using this forever and App Store has become quite a household name for the makers. Also, Android opted for Marketplace as the name of its app store for good.

It will be good to have a decent store for apps for Windows as it makes life easier to find the right application and tools instead of going over the long route.

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