wikiprofessionallogo Wikiprofessional Life Sciences  A web portal for Life Sciences Wikiprofessional Life Sciences is a Concept Web maintaining a streamline of Life Sciences knowledge into the Wiki. Searching an article on Internet gives thousands of results with plenty of redundant material. This increase the unwanted pages on Internet  and decrease the flexibility of information. Thus, Concept Web came with an innovative idea of pertinent search by giving accurate results and  eliminating the redundancy of articles in it.

Life Sciences being  a project of Wikiprofessional, allows you to have a precise wikiprofessionalpagez thumb Wikiprofessional Life Sciences  A web portal for Life Sciencessearched   results of any life science’s articles, theories or facts. The related articles are based on  Knowlets that are based on Facts, Co-occurrences and Predictions. Therefore, it provides you with a solid facet of information on any article, enhancing your knowledge about multiple article relationships and improving the capability of understanding the articles better with facts. You can search for your query/article by going through a Concept Web Navigator that will display an integrated results page along with a new Wiki page.

The site allows users to expand their knowledge enabling the real time addition of related articles and theories. The articles are imported from set of selected records such as  Unified Medical Language System, UniProt, GeneOntology, and IntAct blended with articles from some well known scholars and authors. Users can also participate in any discussion or topic by editing the supplementary info associated with an original read- only article by an authenticated source. According to them;

All modifications are attributed to the participating scientist and certain granting agencies have indicated that they are interested in using the resulting contributions as indices of scholarly achievement. Eventually, the most mature stage of the community data can be combined with the latest version of the authoritative source data and acknowledgment will be given for the scientific contribution. Gradually, more authoritative sources will be added.

The Concept Web Linker enhances the browser functionality enabling its users to add content in their favourite website with Concept Web. The linking feature allows its user  to interlink different articles increasing their knowledge about multiple articles at the same time.

Wikiprofessional in its beta phase, provides a valuable portal for sharing and updating Life Science articles providing a handy tool for researchers and professionals. It would be a great hit if they will stand by their promises of expanding their pool of knowledge by including more disciplines and languages. The concrete and innovative idea of gathering a non redundant knowledge at one platform will surely help them in attaining a  height of popularity.

wikiprofessionalpage thumb1 Wikiprofessional Life Sciences  A web portal for Life Sciences