image thumb102 Why I Think Privacy On Facebook Is More Your Fault [Public Events]

I am not asking that. Simply putting up a statement which to a very large extent is true with many users of the social networking platform. If you come across your name being listed publicly or your information appearing on third party sites, run a check up on your profile settings, I bet you are doing something wrong to begin with.

I wrote quite a detailed post on How to protect yourself from the Evil of Instant Personalization and it was clear that a little bit of attention paid by you can resolve the issue from your side. And just as I did make a post I cane across another issue being raised: that about Events. The issues voiced:

People report that they are able to see the public "events" that Facebook users have said they will attend – even if they person is not a "friend" on the social network

Can’t you see all that already on Facebook? I mean if you send me an invite for an event I am already able to see how many people are there to attend the event and might be present on the place. Irrespective of the fact that they are my friends or not. I see their names, profile pictures and know about one activity that they will be a part of. I underlined public, which is very essential to understand my stance here. If an event is tipped to be public and you plan to participate be sure that your information will be available for all to see.

Ka Ping Yee:

What can your event list say about you? Quite a bit? It might reveal your home address, your friends’ home addresses..

Again, that all rests on users’ own choice. Why would you want place such an event publicly if you fear sharing such information? And if they have come out to be public, you obviously weren’t careful enough to not become a part of them earlier, so there is little point complaining if you are already listed on some site.

I personally think that more major problems with Facebook and the gnawing privacy issue is because many users aren’t actually understanding the features and functions on Facebook. Something I suggest every user must do. Other than that if you are still worried about this events thing, please do visit Zestyping on how to protect yourself.

To sum it up and for future protection; simply click not attending for any public event listed, that would resolve the issue for now.