image thumb21 Why Challenge Facebook When Apple’s iTunes Is Easy Too? Google iTunes Killer Coming This Christmas

Apple is set to face a daunting task from, Google in the area it has dominated for quite some time now. I bet, despite all the superiority Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad has, it most definitely curses the Android platform. The primary reason being its massive growth, stepping into the Tablet arena [the Samsung Galaxy Tab being one] and the smartphones need no mention. But there’s another one coming this holiday for Apple supremo, Steve Jobs; Google Music.

Google Music is planned to release by the upcoming holiday season and Andy Rubin is working hard to make it possible. The new music download service will be a direct challenge to Apple’s iTunes and would be seamlessly be integrated with Google’s Android mobile operating system. The strategy is to initially release a music download service before heading on to become a subscription based service in the coming year. The entire service will be cloud based.

My personal opinion is this one is going to be a big hiccup and a pretty solid challenge coming to iTunes. Google has all the revenue, resources and an equally powerful mobile platform to make a solid run for the competition. Although the Android devices can currently make use of Amazon’s MP3 store but the quality isn’t strong enough to win big fans. However if Google can come up with the Music service of its own, release better syncing feature for desktop and mobile, it might have the right ingredients to take mobile music streaming by storm and I am in no way doubtful that it can’t.

That’s just the Apple/Google side of the story. The search giant has already been active in releasing Google.Me, it’s anticipated Facebook killer social network. I guess the next few months are going to be pretty exciting as there will be more of Google in almost every category on the Web and mobile space.

What’s your opinion on Google Music? Do you think it will live up to its expectations? Share your wisdom and thoughts in the comments.

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via Wired