image thumb14 White iPhone Releasing On 26 April In Italy–Another Apple Rumor

White iPhone, how many of the iPhone fans have actually counted days for its release? In fact how many of you have given up hopes of ever seeing the white iPhone? Bet there are many who have been frustrated with the countless rumors and the confirmation dates on the much waited device. Last week saw an entry of another expected date of launch, which was set to be in Spring of the current year.

Lame, today however new reports suggest that the Sun is set to dawn on the White iPhone on 26 April. This comes to us from iPhoneitalia and according to their blog the White iPhone will be launched in Italy in a little over a week, which is quite soon. A bit surprising, given that the device, as per tradition should make an entry into the US markets before it sets foot elsewhere. Apple in this regard is as silent as a grave on this one.

The blog claims that there are no doubts on the release of the White iPhone and it is definitely coming to Italy at least. So much conviction, I hope that this one turns out true and doesn’t disappoint the White iPhone Users.