image thumb23 White iPhone 4 Sold In Italy And Belgium, Unboxing Video

The White iPhone 4 as had been predicted to release around these days; has finally surfaced for real. Customers in the European region have started revealing the device that they have purchased from stores in Italy and Belgium. Good for them, but just a question, were they waiting all this while to buy the white iPhone? What makes it a device to die for?

I might be all skeptical but I admire all the folks who have been i wait for the last 10 months for this particular device. If you remember it, the delay had been primarily due to the paint issue that created problems with the camera and the flash. Also what’s surprising is that Apple hasn’t made any announcement about the launch of the White iPhone 4. but does it really need to?

image thumb24 White iPhone 4 Sold In Italy And Belgium, Unboxing Video

As for the difference with the more traditional iPhone 4, there isn’t much of a difference except that the White iPhone 4 comes with the iOS 4.3.1 Build 8G4. The proximity sensor has been redesigned a bit as well. The rest, is all not really worth all the hype that had been created al this while. Lets see when do people in the US have the phone available for sale.

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