image thumb42 White iPhone 4 Coming Out Tomorrow ?[Rumor]

Rumors have been a vital part in any and every Apple news off late, especially for its products like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and the iPod 2. Well there has been one set of rumors about the White iPhone 4, that has seen everything from possible release dates to being pulled off the Apple Store. It appears we might just be in for another surprise.

Apple’s store has been down for a good number of hours now and whenever this happens we expect a new product to popup on the Store. The page is being updates and says the obvious message that it will be up in a short while. We are definitely waiting for this one, expecting the white iPhone.

Apple has already announced the possibility of the Verizon iPhone 4 coming out next month, so this rumor can vey well be expected to be true. We are all eye son the latest updates and will inform you as news happens.

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