image thumb6 When Is Windows Phone 7 Releasing? Official Date For The US Is October 11

While all of us have been waiting, anticipating or asking when are the Windows Phone 7 coming? There have been rumors stating that the HTC powered based on the Windows Phone 7 will be coming late in October or even by November to the folks in the US. But be prepared to embrace the official launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 on October 11.

The event is scheduled to begin on the date mentioned at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and would be of an hour and a half duration. Just to give a good news, unlike Apple and it’s iPhone, which is hooked to AT&T, Microsoft has ensured that the Windows Phone 7 is available on multiple carriers. Of course AT&T is one of them and we expect T-Mobile to be present there as well. I am glad Microsoft isn’t thinking about exclusivity with the release of the Windows Phone 7, which I personally think would have proven to be have been pretty bad for this highly anticipated release.

We will be trying our best to cover the event up to let you know what else is coming along. In the mean time you can read the following posts to get a grip on what Windows Phone 7 is about:

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