image thumb31 When Employers Make Themselves Appear Jacks On Facebook

Alright the social networks are the best thing to happen in the last half decade. The way they revolutionized communication and connectivity far and wide. But just look around, there have been the bad sides to it as well. Bad is actually being very decent, there have been the worst incidents ever thanks to social networking phenomenon like Facebook.

Look for today, the present report states that a girl lost her job because she lost $16 while running an errand. So what makes me or anyone else blame Facebook for this? Well the boss thought it will be very indecent to actually call the girl or invite her for a short conversation in private to let her know that she has been relieved off her duties. Instead he found it better to let her know that by sending her a message on her Facebook profile. How low can you actually get? First you fire an employee for losing $16 and while I agree it meant a fortune to the person, he should have had one bit of courtesy to fire her decently.

The worst part is his entire message was filled with typos and grammatical errors. What sort of impression is that going to leave on other employees? What example is he actually setting for them? Perhaps the employer had been reading too much on the benefits of utilizing the social media and he found this to be the best chance to test that out. Bad move, I would advice others to not repeat such an act, seriously, it sounds stupid beyond imagination.