image thumb1 What The Fuck Am I Doing?

I am 28, fast turning 29 and soon I will hit 30. I have a nice decent job, follow my hobbies, blog at a place or two and all that makes me ask a question; What the fuck am I doing? The more I lock years in the past the more I feel I am just wasting time. I am just being desperate or simply being realistic, I think I am finally beginning to ask the right question What the fuck am I doing?

Promoting Entrepreneurship, having my own startup, mentoring teenagers, or blogging on some blog out there. A lot of it boils down to resources, funding, finances and the very many entrepreneurs out there (specifically in my region) are sitting ducks like the almighty Bruce. Morons, guys like these make hate the very word that Entrepreneurship is. Did they succeed by chance? Well, I can’t help believing this. Perhaps they are old school entrepreneurs, who deserve to head every dinner and lunch and talk big, talk shit, that’s it.

There is another class that totally understands the concept. They make me feel like a toddler who has no idea what business is, what startups are about and how they actually function. These guys make me questions my self proclaimed “entrepreneurial skills” but then these  guys are occupied with their work. They think way too beyond and my far fetched approach is too short termed and old school. Either I am in a totally wrong dimension or time frame or a brain dead mumbling moron worth nothing. I would gladly take the latter as it at least gives me a chances to rethink what I think about myself.

So what the fuck am I doing? Trying to find the purpose. I have waited patiently enough but I guess time comes close when I need to make plunges and leave myself amidst an ocean. I know I will drown for I know not how to swim, but I will at least get the taste of struggle, to fight and actually say that I am doing something.

But then, where will I find the right people? Apparently their memory only aids them while you have a job. Leave that and they usually clear their stash of data about you.

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