business swagger  West vs East Coast Business Swagger

If the contrasting cultures of the sports teams is any indication, the West Coast and East Coast have business cultures that seem much more suited to the battlefield than to any sort of cooperation.

The laid back West Coast business culture of jeans and stylish shirts seems unequipped for any type of real organization, but their dress and mannerisms may be a cover for handling the extremely delicate and high profile dealings of the entertainment business.

Contrast that to the buttoned-down, sharks-in-the-water business style of New York and the East Coast. Even though you can always count on an East Coast businessman to be dressed to the nines, they do more playing in the financial markets then perhaps any other profession on the face of the earth.

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With the proper insurance protection in place, it does not matter what your dress style or your attitude is. What matters is that you get the job done and protect yourself from the many malicious forces that would take your business down.

In this overly litigious society, you can almost expect to have people looking to separate you from your money from the second you get any sort of success. You must be prepared for this kind of reaction from the people you come into contact with. You can prepare yourself with professional insurance and liability insurance, as well as many other types of business insurance that are specially crafted to protect your interests against the worst forces in the culture.

These forces tend to blend in to either culture. They work the same way no matter where you go. They look for businesses who do not have the proper protection and goad them into situations in which they have little choice but to separate themselves from their money. Using can keep you from dealing with this unscrupulous character, whether you doing business on the West Coast or the East Coast.