image thumb18 Web Application Development Made Easy With Formspider

Creating applications or even thinking about writing a code confuses me. Despite all the recent developments that have made coding absolutely easy for anyone, I somehow continue to be phobic to this. I am not sure if any tool would actually help me with this but for those who are trying to learn this Formspider, a new startup might be of great help.

Formspider is a new Web 2.0 application development framework for PL/SQL Developers. It can be described as an alternative to Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX technologies. In short it is an answer to all your developing nightmares.

It eases the task of coding as all this is 100% PL/SQL, there is therefore no need to know Java or JavaScript. The applications are 100% AJAX by default with all apps fully compatible with and ready to run in IE, Firefox and Chrome smoothly without any extra effort. With a clean interface, charting, component based UI Design, Web Based Development,etc to help simplify your coding anxiety. Not sure if this helps me but I will be all ears to hear how this helps resolve problems who like me dread coding.

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