image thumb30 We Will Be Back! Nokia Adopts The Spartan Spirit To Beat iPhone, Android.. Hopefully

Nokia is back… once again with a series of smartphones set to hit the markets by Christmas. I think the cell phone manufacturing goliath might very well be anticipating to give the likes of Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android phones and the BlackBerry smartphones. The entire Nokia management is confident about Symbian 3 taking its mobile devices to the next level.

The new devices set to be released are the E7, C6 and C7 as well as the Nokia N8. And be sure that the cell phone maker crashed heavily on Apple, with Steve Job’s allegations of the Nokia devices having the Antennagate issue as well, just like the iPhone 4. First up with Apple shamelessly stealing the Nokia Phrase Connecting People and using it to market their own iPhone. That was absolutely lame of Apple in the first place. The smartest folks at Apple can design a revolutionary hardware and a mobile operating system but can’t create their own slogan and catchy phrases.

I don’t need to jump into this dogfight. I will be putting up a few statements from Nokia’s EVP, Niklas Savander:

Connecting People is more than just a feel-good tagline—it’s our mission.

Then regarding the Antennagate issue:

They perform—day in, day out—no matter how you hold them.

Then he had the numbers on why Nokia is the leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Nokia sells over 260,000 smartphones on a daily basis, which shows how dominant the cell phone manufacturer is.

But my question is why still Nokia can’t impress me with its smartphones? Why do they always have to release 2 to three mobile sets at the same time? I will come back to answer these questions, of course it will be my opinion and I can be wrong.

via Reuter, moconews