image thumb23 Wave Takes A Bow As Google Waves It Goodbye

Google Wave is done with further development. No need to panic, the service was a bit too difficult for an average user to understand despite being one of the most powerful and interactive service that married instant messaging with Twitter and email, it never really got traction from users. Primarily because it was difficult to play around with, thanks to the likes of Twitter, Gtalk, MSN Messenger, etc that have made us lazy and more accustomed to less simpler services.

The folks at Google, who were so enthusiastic upon its revelation last year have finally accepted fate stating that the service hasn’t really lived up to its expectations. Not the people’s fault nor is it that of the team who put forth this idea, I personally think the whole issue was with the timing of releasing the service.

The service will remain active, but I personally think that it will eventually end up in the cemetery as just another Google product that couldn’t do great. Though I am just worried what will be done with its team? The folks are pretty smart and I bet Google can better utilize them, perhaps for the Facebook competitor it plans to release.

Did anyone of you use Waves? Share your experiences in the comments. Oh, here’s a blast from the past, the Google Wave video released back in May 2009: