image thumb59 Warning! Don’t Try And Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 On iOS 4.1 With Fake GreenPoisOn!

For all those looking forward to grab the latest method and tool for jailbreaking the iOS 4.1, a piece of warning. There is an exploit roaming out there by the name of GreenPoisOn, which claims to jailbreak any device running the iOS 4.0.2 and above. The tool is fake and is reported to steal your passwords.

The malicious software is available on torrent sites and is not the real tool that we all expecting to be released to jailbreak iOS 4.1 on the iPod Touch, iPad and the iPhone 4. Experts at Kaspersky have also pointed out several trojans by the same name. What’s worst still that certain sites are also selling this fake tool for as much as $40.

What I can advise you is avoid downloading or buying any such software unless you have received the release of the real GreenPoison. I would recommend that you stick to your regular sites you visit for iPhone news and tips instead of doing a Google search and getting pawned by this fake release.

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