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 40billion is a social take on investment and funding for entrepreneurs. You can put up your Startup along with your target for investment required. Investors can then help you or any other business or idea they like, and get a return for their investment.

40billion is like a blessing in disguise for investors and entrepreneurs, but at it’s very early stages, it shows 0% funds for all the businesses advertised. The idea behind 40billion is a good one, and is similar to online share trading and investing. It also lets you provide live presentations using PowerPoint presentations and conference calling. Although it would be much better if it provides VOIP and web cam options for live presentations. You can also invite your family and friends to help raise money for your business and give them opportunities for investment and returns. But if they are your friends or family, we doubt they would want to invest using a website and not through face to face meetings.

The next step after raising funds for your business are resources to build it. 40 billion provides what it calls a ‘business to business’ search engine to help you find resources you need to build your business. The resources include business attorneys, business cards, web development etc. You can also enlist yourself as a resource provider to earn for your services through 40billion.

Overall, 40billion is definitely a solid idea, but the potential is yet to be tapped for these types of social networks. 40billion could very well fill this gap, but it’ll require a lot more hard work to attract people to invest using their website, and for that they need some big names and partnerships with them.

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