vlane logo vLane’s your guide to buying a suitable car for yourselfVLane launched a couple of months after Driverside and RepairPal, adding to the growing list of services as such. Though vLane focuses on allowing users to research before buying their car, which makes it a little different from its two peers. Since cars are a big investment for most people, and some need it to be just the right one for them, you need to be looking at the right place. VLane has a social reviewing model, that helps with the buyers’ decision-making process.

The Mountain View, Calif-based VLane allows to pick a choice of your cars, pin-down some potential vehicles to buy, and compare them. It also includes reviews from sources around the web, and if you’re looking to get reviews from your friends, you can use vLane tools to send requests on your networks such as MySpace or Facebook. CEO Herman Paek hopes to monetize the site with ads and some lead generation, like directing an interested buyer to a dealership’s website.

vlane grab1 vLane’s your guide to buying a suitable car for yourself

[via: VentureBeat]