quinturalogo Virtual Search Startup ‘Quintura’ raises fundsQuintura, an search startup has raised funds in its new round of funding. The amount will be utilized to build the engine. The search engine is used by various media sites including Maxim, ReadWriteWeb, etc. The exact amount raised in the round is still unknown, though the founders are only saying it ‘several million dollars’.

As the site is founded by Russians, it is popular in Russia the most. The startup has hired a chief marketing officer in the U.S. lately, so things might start getting changed now.

One of the most interesting things about the startup is its capability to illustrate stuff in the form of clouds. If you search anything, the results will not only include the searched stuff, but it will also include the list of topics related to it.

According to the startup they currently have 8 million visitors per month. Furthermore they say that there are a lot of publishers in the U.S. which are testing the search method on their site. The current round of funding was lead by Mangrove Capital Partners.

Quintura Inc. company profile provided by TradeVibes