It has grown and has grown bigger everyday. Now it almost sounds clichéd when I say that and many would simply not read it any further. But the fact stands that social network has opened up new venues and methods for services to grow and more importantly spread.

Even the media firms are now devising methods to help users easily share videos across the Web utilizing the platform itself and Facebook Connect to make sharing a breeze. The two big names at present; ABC Television and TVGuide are introducing features that help easy sharing of videos. It is inevitable, I mean the way videos go viral in no time on the Web, the only thing stopping them from spreading like a wildfire is that users usually don’t have the best way to share those despite the ease with which they can now than before. But since the Web continues to make us more lazy and our laziness grows exponentially with the evolution of social media. I bet soon people would demand intelligent social networks or machines to be correct that read their mind and share stuff without them actually doing any physical work.