vimeologo thumb Vimeo: “No More Game Videos”Vimeo personnel have decided that they will no longer be tolerating game videos to be uploaded at their site. The online video service has specially targeted game walk throughs, strategy game videos, depiction of player vs player battles, raids, fraps or any other video portraying a person playing video game. All the videos which lie in this category will be removed from the website. This rule will be affected from September 1.

The two main reasons as described by Vimeo’s Blake Whitman are elaborated as:

1) Vimeo was created with the intent of inspiring creativity and providing a place to share video with friends and family. The Vimeo staff does not feel that videos which are direct captures of video game play truly constitute “creative expression”. Further, such videos may expose Vimeo to liability from the game creator(s), as we have already seen action from popular video game companies against videos such as these.

2) Gaming videos are by nature significantly larger and longer than any other genre on Vimeo. Over these last few months they have been the single biggest reasons for our transcoder wait times.

Furthermore he says that the decision was not easy on the company’s end and there was a lot of discussion internally. However the company feels that this decision will help them in the future as their resources are limited (why don’t they increase their resources). They also wana channelize their resources in order to achieve their targets.

We think that they should change their strategy a bit and temporarily disable game videos if it is capturing their resources a lot. If they stick to the current strategy they’re certainly gona lose audience. Lets hope for the best and see how things shape out in the coming days.

Vimeo company profile provided by TradeVibes