facebooklogo View your Future Facebook Profile with new.facebook Facebook rolls out its new version, named as new. facebook. The new version allows its users to have an overview of how their re-design profile will look like. The version will not automatically turn user’s profile into a new format but it actually shows a pro-designed sample of user’s profile.

According to Mashable, the Mini- Feed is a default view of this newly incubated facebook version. Users can create their own customized tabs whereas number of already available tabs includes Info, Photo and Boxes(apps).

Facebook has not yet officially announced its beta version release and it seems that it is still in its maintenance phase as the version is generating errors when customizing new tabs. The future cited re-design facebook profile is something face book-ians were eagerly waiting for.

Its worthy to discuss here, that the social networking site has recently launched number of apps and features that makes it all more promising and popular. Recently it has rolled out its mobile and iPhone app to boast its mobility along with other apps and features Though, it does face harsh criticism as it resembles and implements typical Twitter-ish features a lot but the fact is, Facebook genuinely cheats something, blend it with its own creativity and implements an eminent and promising quality version of it. This would have been one of the main reason, why users love sticking to Facebook only.

The new version, would be a boon to users who loves re-designing their profile by creating and using customize tabs and features.

Update: The new.facebook version is not working anymore and the link re-directs its users to a Facebook’s URL.